Although I am an electrician and an IT specialist, I make electronic, joiner and locksmith things,
I deal with HAM radio and other useful activities - see "Meeting places".

Briefly about me

Already since my youth, I deal with electronics and since 1995 as well computers too.For many years I worked as a programmer, computer systems specialist and applications, or virtualization specialist. In this period I wrote two technical books too.
Thanks to my electronics hobby I became HAM radio operator (call sign OK1MSI), I deal too with veterans, fishing, beekeeping, astronomy and model building (trains and other). I also have a small joinery and locksmith workshop where I produce different things for myself as well as for those interested. I also produce different electronic products. Everything can be bought in my e-shop (under construction at now).

Meeting places

Here are individual projects where you can meet with me:


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Michal Šika, a.k.a. Michell
tele: +420 773 290 726
IČ: 765 19 503